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Introducing Aleph

Aleph is a Redshift data analysis application. At its most basic, it allows users to write SQL and get results. On top of that we have built a rich suite of features focused on helping organizations develop and accrete data querying techniques; its ultimate aim is to serve as a repository of institutional knowledge.

The quickest way to try Aleph is to hit up the Demo! Also, checkout Github for instructions on how to contribute and install.

SQL Authoring Tools

Aleph includes a SQL editor with an autocomplete that is aware of schema information (table and column names) as well as common Redshift SQL syntax and keywords. Parameters and SQL snippets allow expressive templatized queries, allowing expert users to create frameworks for others.

Track and Share Analyses

Query versions are maintained in Git, leveraging the Github UI to document and history of SQL changes. Comments allow people to leave notes to each other.

Manage Access

Access control granular on the table level allow teams to do research in their own domain, ensuring that sensitive information is protected

And more!

Support & Contact

Ask questions and discuss stuff in aleph-user. We only bite a little!